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Triglav trail run 2024

One of the most picturesque mountain runs in Slovenia will take place right around Triglav, this mighty mass of rock, which is considered the venerable pride of Slovenians. Vertical alpine walls, narrow hiking trails, wide mule trails dug into steep slopes, open ridges and rugged valleys of high mountain lakes give the Triglav Trail Run a special charm and uniqueness.
Triglav Trail Run Triglav Trail Run is more than just running around Triglav. It is a gathering of runners, mountain runners in search of fresh running content and new experiences.
We are here to create stories, both for running masters and all those who just want to step into the shoes of a mountain runner, climber, nature lover.
Triglav Trail Run is a unique running, mountaineering experience and mountaineering festival that will take place in Mojstrana from August 23 to 25, 2023.
Location: Mojstrana Venue: Slovenian Alpine Museum 

Festival events

Triglav Trail Run | 78 km, +4,450m | Saturday, August 24, 2024

Triglav Lakes Run | 44.5 km, +2,600m | Saturday, August 24, 2024

Triglav Valley Run | 26 km, +1,350m | Saturday, August 24, 2024

Slovenian Alpine Museum Run | 14 km, +480m | Saturday, August 24, 2024

LUMAR children’s run and family run | Saturday, August 24, 2024

Exhibition space, cross-country skiing village… | Saturday, August 24, 2024

Mountaineering activities | Saturday, August 24, 2024

“Domača costa” – Tastes of the Julian Alps | Saturday, August 24, 2024

Yoga and “Wellbeing” program next to the beautiful Triglavska Bistrica Friday, August 24, 2024.


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Maja Ramus

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