Planica – Tamar Valley

Planica – Tamar Valley

Leave the road, take the trails

Planica and Tamar Valley

Lake Jasna
Reset Apartments
Zelenci Nature Reserve
Tamar Valley
Planica: Easy
Tamar: Medium
Elevation: 811 m - 1.109 m
Planica: 5.4 km
Tamar: +3.7 km
298 m of elevation
Asphalt - Forest
Macadam road


Zelenci Nature Reserve
Nadiza spring
Tamar Lodge


From Planica to Belopeska jezera
From Rateče to Tromeja (Triple Border)
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The route is suitable for mountain bikers!

The Tamar Valley is one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in the Triglav National Park and is extremely popular with hikers, mountain bikers, and cross-country skiers. It is bordered by the mighty walls of the mountains Visoka Ponca (2,228m), Kotova Špica (2,376m), Jalovec (2,645m)… There is also the source of the Nadiža River, which sinks into the gravel at the foot and reappears in the Zelenci Nature Reserve. It also serves as a starting point for hikes and ascents of the surrounding mountains. The path is macadam and well maintained, suitable for children.

Tamar chapel and the Tamar Lodge

The Tamar Valley is a continuation of the world-famous Planica Valley, where world championships in ski jumping, ski flying, and other Nordic disciplines are held. We recommend, among other things, that you visit the museum located in the Planica Nordic Centre.

How to get there

From the Reset Apartments, turn left and follow the cycle path towards Podkoren, just below the Vitranc ski slopes. You continue until the end of the ski slopes, where the Pehta log cabin is located. Here you can always try spoon dishes, croissants, or authentic homemade sour milk. If you have time, you can also explore the Zelenci nature reserve, which is on the opposite side of the cycling route.

Continue along the cycling route until you reach the regional road, where you turn left towards Planica, but we recommend that at the end of the plain, a few minutes walk from the Pehta log cabin, you turn left onto the forest track, which will take you through the forest directly to Planica. The path through the forest is also much shorter and more interesting, especially for children.

If you have younger children or you are not in the best shape, we recommend that you finish the trip with a visit to the Planica Nordic Centre and the ski jumps and then return. Alternatively, you can drive and start your journey to Tamar only in Planica.

At the end of Planica, you have two options. You can continue along the wide, macadam track (left) or head through the forest (right) on a track that is intended for cross-country skiers in winter and is popular with mountain bikers in summer. Both trails take you all the way to the end of the Tamar valley, directly below the mighty walls of the Jalovec mountain. Here you will find the Tamar lodge, one of the most popular excursion spots in the entire area. The lodge is open all year round and offers visitors the chance to rest and enjoy good local food and drink.


The road to Tamar is a full-day trip, especially if you take in all the sights along the way. It’s quite a long walk, so plan at least a lunch stop. On the way, you can explore the Zelenci Nature Reserve, see the ski jumps, and zipline down the Planica Giant (you have to pre-book online for the zipline). You can also try free-falling in the wind tunnel or play a round of Disc golf on the greens below the ski jumps. We also recommend visiting the Ski Jumping Museum, located in the Planica Nordic Centre.

Nearby walking paths

  • At Rateče, instead of heading towards Planica, you can continue towards Belopeška Jezera
  • Turn into the village of Rateče and climb to the Triple Border
  • Climb from Planica to the top of Ciprnik


  • Planica Nordic Centre
  • Lodge in Tamar

Attractions nearby

  • Village linden tree in Podkoren
  • Zelenci Nature Reserve
  • Escape Museum – Kajžnik’s House in Rateče
  • The source of the river Nadiža

View of the mountains in the surroundings

  • Visoka Ponca (2.228m)
  • Kotova špica (2.376)
  • Jalovec (2.645 m)
  • Travnik (2.379 m)
  • Visoka Peč (1.749 m)

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