Bike Park

Bike Park


Bike Park


  • Basic tracks: 5
  • Start: 1,200 m above sea level.
  • Finish: 907 m above sea level.
  • Elevation difference: 293 m
  • Average incline: 21 %
  • Equipment hire: YES
  • Bike rental: YES

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The trails of the bike park run on the terrain of the ski resort and the surrounding forests and have an average incline of around 21%. They are very varied as they are designed for different levels of difficulty and are suitable for beginners as well as the most demanding mountain bikers who have been mountain biking for a long time. From the start to the finish, there are countless possible combinations, so you can create a downhill to suit your abilities and preferences.

The Vitranc 1 chairlift takes you from 907 m to 1,200 m of vertical drop in comfort. There are 5 different basic routes prepared in advance, each with its own special characteristics, which delight mountain bikers from all over the world.

Family Business

The family “flow” trail is suitable for beginners and families as it is relatively easy, with simple facilities, and is designed to teach mountain biking skills. The course was created to bring mountain biking to a wider audience, with facilities for more advanced riders, but also suitable for beginners.

Morning Wood (Northshore trail)

The Morning Wood “Northshore” trail has many facilities including a wall ride. The route is characterized by a classic northshore style – riding on mainly wooden structures.

Funky Jazz (enduro track)

Enduro natural track provides a fun way to ride for any skilled mountain biker.

Luft Waffe(l) (air track)

The so-called “airline” Luft Waffe(l) course is aimed at the most passionate aviators, where they try to give riders as much time in the air as possible. It is characterized by high and long jumps and relatively high speeds throughout the track.

DH Veetranz – (DH track)

A classic downhill track in the Bike Park Kranjska Gora, which has hosted many races in the past. This track is suitable for experienced mountain bikers.

Equipment rental

If you want to try mountain biking on the slopes of Vitranec, they will take care of you at the bottom station of the chairlift, where there is a rental shop for protective equipment and bicycles.



Life is a beautiful ride


Reset Apartments
Kranjska Gora
Elevation: 818 m - 647 m
14.5 km
Height difference: 171 m
Asphalt road
95% Bike only


Slovenian Alpine Museum


Dovje Village - Jakob Aljaz monument
Pericnik Waterfalls - Vrata Valley
Radovna Valley - Bled
Jesenice - Zirovnica villages
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Enjoy a ride through the Upper Sava Valley, across bridges over the Sava River, with magnificent views of the Julian Alps. The route to Mojstrana is fully paved and follows one of the most beautiful and longest cycling routes in Gorenjska – from Jesenice to the Belopeška Lakes. It is named after the sadly passed Slovenian cyclist Jure Robič and runs along a disused railway line – part of the D-2 cycling route linking Croatia and Italy.

One of the beautiful views along the cycling route to Mojstrana

Cycling route Kranjska Gora – Mojstrana cycling route follows the Sava River along the route of the former railway. The cycle path is close to traffic and, as it does not contain any major climbs or descents, it is really suitable for families with small children.

From the Reset Apartments, turn left along the cycling route to Kranjska Gora, ride through the center straight past the church, and continue downhill past the fire station all the way to the bypass. Here you cross the bridge over the Pišnica River and stay on the road until you reach the cemetery, where the cycling route starts. From here on, miles of unspoiled nature, the coolness of spruce forests, and unforgettable views of the mighty Julian Alps await you. The route passes by the village of Martuljek, along the Sava River, over numerous bridges and several small resting places where you can relax or have a picnic.

For mountain bikers

If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, you can leave the cycling route in the village of Martuljek and join the regional road where you turn left at the turn-off for Srednji vrh. You will have to climb up to the village of Srednji vrh and on to Blekova planina and the mountain pass below Trupej, which is also the highest point of the tour. Return via Grajščica and Kesišče and continue onwards all the way to the village of Belca.

Mojstrana as a starting point for longer cycling trips

  • Continue through the Radovna valley past Lake Kreda to Lake Bled
  • Continue through the Vrata valley, past the Peričnik waterfall to the home of Jakob Aljaž
  • Circular route to Jesenice and onwards through many villages of the municipality of Žirovnica

You can choose to visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum as your cycling destination or continue up the Vrata Valley, see the Peričnik Waterfall, or have a stew at the Jakob Aljaž House. For those with a lot of stamina, we recommend that you continue through the Radovna valley, past Jezero Kreda, all the way to Jezero Bled, or even further to Lake Bled. You can also drive to Jesenice and on through many villages of the municipality of Žirovnica – along the cultural heritage trail, and return along the trail to Jezero Bled and the Radovna valley. The circular route Mojstrana – Jesenice – Žirovnica – Bled – Radovna Valley is extremely long and suitable only for sporty cyclists who like to cover long distances.

Slovenian Alpine Museum

The Slovenian Alpine Museum is a must-see. It contains a rich collection of historical artefacts and an extensive specialist library. It reminds visitors of the importance of mountaineering in Slovenia with a variety of photographic and archival material. You can see the permanent exhibition, learn about the historical development of mountaineering in Slovenia, and choose from a variety of souvenirs and books with mountaineering content in the shop. An introductory film and eleven different sections with challenges, tests and tasks add variety to the experience. If you collect all the stamps along the way, there’s a prize waiting for you at the end.

A view of the surrounding mountains

  • Prisank (2.547 m)
  • Špik (2.472 m)
  • Škrlatica (2.740 m)
  • Kukova Špica (2.417 m)
  • Sleme (1.656 m)
  • Razor (2.601 m)
  • Stenar (2.501 m)
  • Begunjski vrh (2.461 m)
  • Triglav (2.864 m)
  • Rjavina (2.532 m)
  • Luknja peč (2.245 m)
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Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing


Cross Country Skiing

Lake Jasna
Lake Jasna
Planica Nordic center
Indoor hall / 800 m
40 km of trails
800 m - 1100 m altitude
Daily maintained
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The fairytale winter landscape around Kranjska Gora is the perfect terrain for recreation and enjoying the outdoors, with around 40 km of well-maintained cross-country ski trails running from the Martuljek Forest to Planica and Tamar. The trails have several levels of difficulty and are suitable for beginners, families and the more experienced. If you are going to get on cross-country skis for the first time, we recommend that you follow the cross-country ski courses offered by the local ski schools. Equipment is also available for rent at the many ski rent shops in the area.

In Planica, you can ride through the world-famous cross-country skiing events that take place every year in the beautiful valley below Ponce Mountains. The events are renowned for their good organization and a large number of visitors, which was instrumental in winning the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2023. The Championships have made history as one of the biggest sporting events in the whole of Slovenia.

Nordic skiing in Planica has been developing continuously since the beginning of the last century, culminating in the complete renovation of all ski jumps and the construction of a modern Nordic Centre, which Planica really deserves. The sport is also the lifeblood of the locals and of the nearby village of Rateče, where tourism has recently been strongly developing.

Cross-country skiing is becoming increasingly popular

In recent years – it has become a leading discipline alongside ski flying, as more and more attention has been focused on building new cross-country skiing trails and maintaining the quality of the existing ones, as the unspoiled nature and the backdrop of the mighty mountains of the Julian Alps – Ponce Mountains – have led to a huge increase in the number of visitors every year. Efforts have also been made to ensure an adequate number of car parks, which are a growing problem due to the high number of visitors.

Suitable for beginners and professionals alike the slopes from Kranjska Gora past Podkorn to Rateče are mostly sloping and run along a cycle path just below the ski slopes. There are a few short breaks due to the crossing of roads and ski slopes, and from Rateče to Planica it runs through forests, meadows, and forest glades in the back part. From Planica onwards, there are groomed trails all the way to the end of the picturesque Tamar valley (from Rateče to the Tamar lodge, the trail is about 7 km long and is a bit more challenging due to the 260 m ascent). In Planica itself, there are over 25 km of groomed cross-country skiing trails at an altitude of between 800 and 1,100 meters.

If there is enough natural snow, there are also trails in the Gozd Martuljek, Mojstrana, and Zgornja Radovna. You can also go for a recreational run in the evening, as there is a circular track behind the Hotel Kompas, which is illuminated with floodlights. The Planica Nordic Centre also has an underground hall with artificial snow on which cross-country skiing is possible even in summer.

Scheme of the cross-country skiing trails

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