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Nordic Center

The valley of records

Reset apartments are just 8 km away from the famous Nordic Center Planica with a direct bike and cross-country ski trail connection.

Planica Nordic Center lies in one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Slovenia, surrounded by astonishing high peaks of the Ponce mountain range. It is an all-year-round sports center known worldwide for its world-cup ski-jumping and cross-country ski competitions.

It offers you 40 km of cross-country trails that stretch between Kranjska Gora, Ratece, Planica, and Tamar valley at an altitude of between 800 and 1100 m, has an underground snow-covered cross-country ski hall, zipline, indoor skydiving…

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The Valley of records

  • Junior ski jumping hill (HS 15, 30 and 45 meters)
  • Youth ski jumping hill (HS 61 and 80 meters)
  • Bloudek Giant (HS 104 and 139 meters)
  • Flying hill of Gorisek brothers (HS 225 meters)

World first ski flying jump over 100 meters

In 1936, Josef “Sepp” Bradl was the first to surpass 100 meters (330 ft), landing a jump of 101.5 meters (333 ft). Since 1972, the FIS Ski Flying World Championships events has become a mainstay event.

World first ski flying jump over 200 meters

The first to officially reach 200 meters (660 ft) was Toni Nieminen in 1994, by landing a jump of 203 m (666 ft); at the time, ski jumpers did not receive distance points for the part of the jumps exceeding 191 m.

Planica flying hill record

252 m

In 2019 Ryo Kobayashi became the overall winner of the World Cup. He was in great shape all season and kept it until the finals in Planica. On the last day of the competitions, he jumped 252 m and set a record for the Planica airfield, which is still valid today. A season that went down in history forever is now waiting for its successor.

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Planica Zipline

Are you ready for the most exciting descent of your life? The world’s biggest ski jumping hill – The most spectacular zipline – In the world! Experience the sensations of Slovenian eagles and the world jumping elite with the help of the steepest zipline descent in the world, and fly over…

Indoor Skydiving

Fly like an eagle. The wind tunnel at Planica Nordic Centre was constructed with the intention of fulfilling natural human aspirations for flying. The wind current in the tunnel is powerful, so you can lie on the air mattress and fly. Previous flying experiences are not mandatory…

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Cross-Country Skiing

Take It to the Next Level! Do you strive to perfect your skills at cross-country skiing? Planica offers you 40 km of cross-country tracks and there is more! In the summer, you can train in the snow hall or on the skating track…

Disk golf park

The game of disc golf is perfectly suitable for all ages, as no previous knowledge is required. The activity is a great choice for families, larger groups, or teambuilding, as it encourages cooperation (fair play), strengthens concentration, and provides aerobic exercise…

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Planica museum

The Planica Museum is located in the central building of the Planica Nordic Centre. There, an invaluable heritage of Slovenian sports history is stored there. You will get to learn about the heroes of the world-class ski jumping elite, the technical development of the jumping hill, the equipment used in different periods in history, and more…

Ski jumps

Planica, the greatest Slovenian sports festival, is a host to the best ski jumpers in the world. The valley under the Ponce Mountains has hosted the greatest heroes of ski flying for decades. Fearless competitors keep on reaching new milestones over and over again…

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