Kranjska Gora

All-year-round alpine sports resort

Kranjska Gora (806m) is a popular all-year-round alpine resort where ski slopes, cross-country skiing, and biking trails are literally on your doorstep. It is located in a narrow valley situated between the Julian Alps and the Karavanke mountain range right on the edge of the Triglav National Park – the biggest national park in Slovenia.

A small village developed into a well-known tourist sports center in the mid-’50s because of its unique location, easy access (located on the border with Austria and Italy), and hosting of the annual world cup skiing and ski-jumping events.

Over the years Kranjska Gora has preserved the appearance of an idyllic mountain village while offering tourists and athletes from all over the world plenty of sports activities and entertainment.

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Reset for families

Let’s spend some quality time

The location of the apartments offers you a great opportunity for an active holiday in nature. Here, you will definitely find suitable routes for yourself, your friends, and your family. 

Listed below are some of the easier but still very attractive hiking, biking, and mountain trails suitable for families with younger children. Awesome views, the sights along the way, and diversity will make you want to come back.

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Try something new

Best Adventures

Well here’s a starter guide for doing things in Kranjska Gora besides skiing, hiking, cycling, or mountaineering. You don’t need any previous experience, just plenty of enthusiasm to have some fun while discovering the mountains from a new angle…

Adrenaline experience for the whole family. Take the chairlift to 1,200 m above sea level and “slide” down the 1,500 m long toboggan run.

It takes about 5 minutes to cover a height difference of 293 m and reach a speed of up to 40 km/h. The average slope of the track is 20.5%. Sledding is safe and suitable even for younger children.

At the top of the toboggan run, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the village of Podkoren, have refreshments in the log cabin Bedancev dom, and numerous children’s playgrounds in the surrounding area will ensure an unforgettable experience for your children. For the more energetic, we also recommend a climb to the top of mount Vitranac and a visit to the Mojcin Hut.


    B I 180 m high I 250 m long

    The easiest is called the Aljazeva route and is suitable for families of those who are still novices in the rock world. The second…


      B/C I 250 m high I 500 m long

      The Ferrata lies in the gorge of the Hladnik stream and is rated level B (with one place C) in terms of difficulty, which…


        D/E I 180 m high I 250 m long

        One of the most demanding but very attractive Ferratas in Gozd Martuljek. In the summer months, it offers real adrenaline…

        Are you ready for the most exciting descent of your life?

        Experience flying like the world’s best ski jumpers do, with an unforgettable adrenaline rush from the top of the legendary Planica ski flying hill. On the world’s steepest zipline, you’ll fly 566 m (202 m) and reach speeds of up to 90 km/h in just a few seconds.


          Do you still remember your childhood dream of flying like a bird? You simply lie down on a strong air current and fly – without wings!

            Picking mushrooms in the autumn months

            QUICK TIP: Ask the owners where the mushroom picking grounds are 😉
            Ask for dishes made from mushrooms picked in the surrounding area at the local restaurants.

            The end of August, September, and October is the season for wild mushroom hunting. The fruiting bodies of many species flourish in autumn with the return of the cooler, wetter weather. But please remember that fungi are also an important part of the woodland ecosystem so don’t overdo it! Leave plenty behind for wildlife, the biggest reward is enjoying and exploring the beautiful forests in the area.

            WARNING: And yes, many species of poisonous mushrooms also grow here so be careful.

              Restaurants and Bars

              Where can I have lunch, dinner, or breakfast?

              You won’t go hungry here! In addition to the large and well-equipped kitchens in the apartments, there are plenty of restaurants and pubs nearby to cater for both your entertainment and your hunger. You’ll find everything from bakeries, pizzerias, fast food to very good and quality restaurants.

              Restaurants within a short walking distance:

              Res. & Pizzeria


              Top rated by our guests.
              Good food and friendly service.

              7 min walk

              Log house


              Recommended for breakfasts.
              Try some local food.

              2 min walk



              Located on ski slopes.
              Try some local food.

              5 min walk



              Beautiful view of the ski slopes.
              Has a large terrace.

              7 min walk

              Breakfast and coffee
              • JB bar

              • Bedanec

              • Log house Kosobrin

              • Confectionery and cafe Viktor

              • Sporty bar

              • London Tea Room

              High end
              • Restaurant Mama Marija
              • Restaurant Milka

              • Restaurant Montana

              • Restaurant Triangel

              • Restaurant Sova

              Quick snack, Burger, Pizzeria
              • Bedanec

              • Lacni Kekec

              • Inn & pizzeria Bor

              • Pizzeria Pino Alpino

              • Pizzeria Marathon

              • Pizzeria Via Napoli

              • Pizzeria Viktor

              • Inn and pizzeria Alpe

              Sweets & Chocolate
              • Sweetshop shop Kala

              • Sweetshop shop Charlie

              • London Tea Room

              • Self-service ice cream shop Lucka

              • Cafe and sweetshop shop Viktor

              Local restaurants
              • Inn Martin

              • Inn Cvitar

              • Inn Ostarija

              • Inn Bor

              • Restaurant Livada

              • Restaurant Lipa

              • Restaurant Kotnik

              • Restaurant Viktor

              • Restaurant Kasabrin

              • Restaurant La Stella

              • Restaurant Jasna

              • China restaurant Shanghai

              • Bar Ex

              • Vopa Pub

              • Kasabrin Bar

              • Bar Pristavec

              • Zlata Kaplca wine bar

              Eat & explore local Villages

              Why not make your lunch or dinner an adventure? As well as trying new dishes, you’ll get to know the locals, new places, and their customs. What could be better than doing it with good food and drink? Highly recommended 😉

              • Hotel Vitranc Restaurant

              • Pehta Hut

              • Inn Zelenci

              • Inn Zerjav

              • Inn Surc

              • Inn Mojmir

              • Inn UH

              • Inn Ponca

              Gozd Martuljek
              • Inn Jozica

              • Restaurant Triangel

              • Inn Veranda

              • Inn pr’ Zelezn’k

              • Tourist Farm Pr’ Psnak

              • Pizzerija Spajza

              • Pizzerija Kot

              Eat in Huts and Cottages

              If you really want to try authentic local cuisine and local specialties, we recommend visiting the mountain huts and lodges. There you will find dishes made with love, not made for the masses, and you will get to know the attractive locations where they are located. Some of them are easy to reach by car, bicycle, or a short walk, while others can be made the final destination of your trips to the surrounding hills and mountains.

              Accessible by car
              • Mihov dom – Vrsic pass, 1085 m
              • Koča na Gozdu – Vrsic pass, 1226 m
              • Tonkina Koča – Vrsic pass, 1395 m
              • Erjavčeva koča – Vrsic pass, 1525 m
              • Tičarjev dom – Vrsic pass, 1620 m
              • Aljažev dom – Vrata, 1015 m
              • Koča pri izviru Soče – Trenta, 886 m
              Hiking destination
              • Mojčin Dom – mount Vitranc, 1555 m
              • Poštarski dom – Vrsic pass, 1688 m
              • Koča v Krnici – Krnica valley 1113 m
              • Planinski dom Tamar – Tamar valley 1108 m
              • Pri Ingotu – Martuljek waterfalls, 930 m
              For mountaineers


              A network of more than ten thousand kilometers of mountain trails leads through the Slovenian Highlands, which lead to 178 mountain huts, shelters, and bivouacs with 7,400 beds and more than 10,000 seats. More than 1.7 million domestic and foreign visitors visit them annually.

              MOUNTAIN HUTS:

              • Triglavski dom – Kredarica, 2515 m
              • Dom Planika – underTriglav, 2401 m
              • Dom Valentina Staniča – under Triglav 2332 m
              • Dom Petra Skalarja – Kanin, 2260 m
              • Koča na Doliču – Dolic saddle, 2151 m
              • Pogačnikov dom – Kriški podi, 2050 m
              • Koča na Mangrtskem sedlu, 1906 m
              • Dom Zorka Jelinčiča – Črna prst, 1835 m
              • Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih, 1685 m
              • Blejska koča – Lipanca, 1630 m
              • Planinska koča Merjasec – Vogel, 1535 m
              • Dom na Komni – Komna, 1520 m
              • Koča pod Bogatinom – Bogatin, 1513 m
              • Koča na Planini pri Jezeru, 1453 m
              • Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih, 1385 m




              Liznjek house
              Kajznik house

              Kranjska Gora is known for its rich cultural heritage, which is represented by numerous churches, chapels, and old homesteads. Here you can find typical handicrafts, local dishes, village customs, and many authentic villages such as Podkoren, Rateče, Gozd Martuljek, Srednji Vrh, Mojstrana, Dovje, Zgornja Radovna, Log, and Belca.

              Of the many cultural and natural attractions, we recommend a visit to the Slovenian Mountaineering Museum in Mojstrana, as it offers the experience of an exhibition as well as your own climb up the mountain. You will be impressed by the virtual walk up Triglav (the highest Slovenian mountain) and the virtual view of 30 other Slovenian peaks.

              If you have time, you can also go on an hour-and-a-half adventure over the Vršič mountain pass to the World War I Museum in Kobarid.

              The Kobarid Museum is recognized as one of the best museums in Europe and is really worth a visit, especially if you are a fan of the writer Ernest Hemingway. In between you can visit the Russian Chapel, the Pagan Girl, and explore Trenta Valley and the source of the Soča River.

              To experience a glimpse of life in the old days, take time to visit the Liznjek Homestead, the Kajznik Homestead, the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Assumption, or one of the oldest churches in Slovenia, the Church of St. Thomas in Rateče.

              Among the natural sights, you must visit the Pagan Girl, Peričnik Waterfall, Martuljek Falls, Jerman Falls, Zelenci National Park, and the ski jumping hills in Planica. You can also explore the many attractive Alpine valleys in the area, such as Tamar, Krnica, Radovna, Krma, Trenta

              Slovenian Alpine Museum

              In addition to an extensive collection of artefacts, photographic and archival material, you will also find all the information you need on what to see and visit in the Triglav National Park. A virtual view of attractive destinations and Slovenian peaks will help you make your choice.

              Kobarid Museum

              One of the best museums in Europe, presenting the heritage of the Isonzo Front in the First World War, about which the writer Ernest Hemingway and Erwin Rommel also wrote.

              Liznjek Homestead Museum

              The museum is housed in a typical alpine house built in the second half of the 17th century. With a rich collection of painted chests, tools, clothes, etc., it offers an authentic view of the life of a wealthy peasant family.

              The Kajžnik House Museum

              Equipped with a museum collection representing the ethnological heritage of the village of Rateče.

              Slovenian Ironmaking Museum

              The museum takes you on an iron journey – from ore to steel. Models of blast furnaces, smelters, charcoal cooking and the Pantz cable car…

              Russian Chapel

              Built in 1916 during the First World War to commemorate the Russian soldiers who were caught in an avalanche while building the road over the Vršič Pass. The road was built by between 10,000 and 12,000 prisoners of war, who were forced to live under severe war conditions, including lack of food, clothing, frostbite, and many illnesses.

              The Pagan Girl

              A natural face carved into the rock by tectonic movements. Throughout history, many legends and tales have been created around her. Access past the Tičar House is easy and suitable for younger children.

              St. Thomas church

              The Romanesque church is one of the oldest preserved churches in Slovenia, known for the Rateče Manuscript.

              Monument to Jakob Aljaž

              Known for the construction of the Aljaž Tower at the top of Slovenia’s highest mountain, Triglav.

              Birthplace of the writer Josip Vandot

              Slovenian youth writer who made Kranjska Gora and its mountainous surroundings the center of his youth stories and created unforgettable characters such as Kekec, Mojca, Bedanec, Pehta, Kosobrin, …