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  • Sledging
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Kranjska Gora offers increasingly popular active holidays in both the summer and winter months. In addition to ski activities, you can recreate on the well-kept cross-country ski tracks, explore the surrounding valleys and mountain huts, sled down the slopes, skate on the village ice rink and frozen alpine lake Jasna or opt for more adrenaline-fueled adventures, such as ski touring or climbing frozen waterfalls in the surrounding Julian Alps.

Take advantage of the Reset Apartments ski-to-door access!
The ski terrain is literally on your doorsteps.

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Adventure in numbers

Kranjska Gora Ski Slopes



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FIS Alpine Ski World Vitranc Cup starts in








  • 18 ski slopes
  • 6 chairlifts
  • 13 drag lifts
  • 20.000 skiers per hour
  • 813 m - 1600 m altitudes
  • Snowboard park
  • Night skiing: yes
  • 40 km crosscountry ski trails
  • 100+ km hiking trails

Winter Sports Center

Kranjska Gora is a well-known sports tourist center with an extremely long history and is an outstanding tourist destination all year round. It lies on the edge of the Triglav National Park, surrounded by the many peaks and mountain ranges of the Julian Alps, where you can also try your hand at backcountry skiing and ice climbing.

Thanks to its easy access by car, it is known as one of the best family ski resorts in this part of Europe. You don’t need a gondola to get to it, as it’s practically right next to the slopes, which means you’ll always have everything at your fingertips – from your accommodation to the shops, swimming pools, ice rink, wellness centers, tavernas, and restaurants.

The ski resort is fully artificially snow-covered, so the slopes are always fresh and ready for you. The capacity of the lifts is large and the slopes are very wide, so crowds are rare on the slopes themselves, but if they do occur, head down the other side to Podkoren, where there are virtually never any crowds.

There is something for everyone among the many skiing terrains, whether you are a beginner, recreational skier, snowboarder, or a professional skier, for whom the slopes at Podkoren, which has hosted the Alpine Ski World Championships for more than 50 years, are the perfect place.

The slopes are well connected, so you should take your time to ski/explore the whole ski area.

Below the slopes is the so-called snow beach, where many events take place and you can warm up with a hot cup of tea in one of the many cafés and restaurants. Here your children will find a variety of playgrounds, baby ski lifts, a snow kindergarten, and numerous ski schools offering both group and individual lessons.

You can also ski at night, and there is a floodlit sledding ground and cross-country skiing track in the immediate vicinity.

Food, Drinks on the Ski Slopes

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Bedanc Lodge

Mojca Lodge


Lacni Kekec

JB bar




Snow Beach


For kids and adults

Ski Schools in Kranjska Gora

Many children make their first turns on their skis right here in Kranjska Gora. Many renowned ski schools have their headquarters here and they provide quality care for future ski champions – both adults and children. You can also hire a personal trainer who will make sure that you can carelessly ski down the slopes in the shortest possible time.


No excuse for staying at home

Ski Equipment Rental

Buy or rent? There are a multitude of factors to consider: How much will it cost? Does my skill level matter? Will I be able to rent equipment in good condition? Is the cost of getting my own setup worth it? Renting is often best for beginners, people who don’t ski often, those who are still testing the waters, or who are on the fence about investing in the sport. In recent years, the quality of ski equipment for rent has increased greatly, so we definitely recommend it.


Let’s go shopping

Winter Gear and Clothing shops

Long gone are the days when resorts were just somewhere to hit the slopes. Who cares about skiing when there are a ton of Mountain boutiques and shops full of the latest trends? Whether you’re a non-skier accompanying your family on a winter sports holiday or just a skier who likes to shop a bit in their free time, choosing a ski resort with attractive shopping options can make your ski holiday even better.

Best Experience

Ski Touring in Kranjska Gora

There is no such thing as too much snow!

Before starting your ascent, be sure to check the avalanche risk, the weather conditions, and the equipment, which must be suitable for the difficulty of the specific ascent.






2.5 h

1000 m / 1737 m

1 out of 5


3.5 h

1611 m / 2087 m

2 out of 5

ZATREP KRNICE (pod Krisko steno)

6 h

860 m / 1920 m

2 out of 5


6 h

760 m / 1891 m

2 out of 5


3.5 h

1611 m – 2333 m

3 out of 5


8 h

980 m – 2409 m

3 out of 5


14 h

950 m – 2569 m

3 out of 5


3.5 h

1611 m – 2333 m

5 out of 5


5 h

1611m – 2366 m

5 out of 5


9.5 h

980 m – 2499 m

5 out of 5

Cross-country skiing is becoming more and more popular in Slovenia. There is always enough snow in the high mountains, even when the ski slopes are short of it, and the ski season can be delayed almost until summer, depending on winter snow conditions.

Skiing on untouched snow-covered slopes and ungroomed terrain is a special experience, but it requires a lot of skiing and mountaineering skills. If you are a mountain lover and you love skiing, touring is one of the most unforgettable experiences. You simply have to experience it.


Backcountry is a special type of skiing that uses specially adapted ski equipment.

The skis must be light and have special fittings for walking uphill. They are also equipped with a special notch for attaching the skin which prevents slipping. Boots shall be light and flexible with a non-slip sole and a rough profile. You will also need telescopic poles, a helmet, a first aid kit, and an avalanche protection kit.

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia