Kajznik House in Ratece

Lake Jasna
Elevation: 818 - 870 m
4,7 km
52 m of height difference
1 h walk
Asphalt - Macadam
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Kajžnek House is one of the restored buildings with preserved traditional architecture. The eastern façade of the house preserves a fresco of St Florian, while the southern façade has a sundial. Inside the house, evidence of the existence of the original wooden building has been found. The 19th-century appearance of the house has been partially preserved but without the outbuildings. Of the carefully crafted joinery, parts of the built-in cupboards and the stucco decoration in the house survived, in addition to the front door, the black kitchen, and the pantry.

There you can see a reconstruction of the equipment of the black kitchen and the pantry, exhibitions on Rateče traditional costumes and local history, old films on the still preserved customs and ski jumping in Planica, and an exhibition of handicrafts – products of the members of the Rateče – Planica Tourist Association. In 1995, the Municipality of Kranjska Gora bought the Kajžnek House, which had been damaged by fire, and gradually restored it under the expert guidance of the Kranj Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage until 2004.

Escape room museum

In 2022, the museum was transformed into one of the few ‘escape room museums’ in Europe. A fascinating escape game program was created, steeped in the rich history of Rateče. The experience is the perfect activity for families or friends who want to learn a lot about the traditions and history of the Alpine village while having fun. The game is made up of 2 to 5 players and usually lasts 1h.

How to get to Kajžnek’s house?

The Escape Museum is located in Rateče, the last Alpine village before the border with Italy. It can be reached by taking the main highway past Kranjska Gora and Podkoren.

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