Traditional cow festival in Bled

65. Traditional Cow Ball

The Cow Ball is the oldest event, which until the 1950s was mainly a holiday for the locals, who, together with farmers and caterers, rejoiced at the end of the tourist and grazing season.

The Bohinj Tourist Association has been organizing the event for more than 60 years now. Mountaineers take part in the event, bringing decorated herds of cattle from the higher mountains and carrying “basenga” on their shoulders – everything they need to make cheese and other things necessary for life on the mountain.

In the idyllic Ukanec, we always provide a rich program with a good ensemble, folklore and brass band, as well as good homemade food and drink. The Cow Ball is a real Bohinj holiday that you should not miss.


adults: EUR 5.00

children up to 14 years free

Maja Ramus

Maja Ramus