Mount Vitranc (1.636 m)

Reset Apartments
Kranjska Gora
Jasna Lakes
Vopa Cave
Elevation: 818 m - 1.636 m
cca 3.7 km
Height difference: 818 m


Jasna lakes
Jasna suspension bridge
Vopa cave
Mojcin Dom - Mojca Hut


Mount Ciprnik
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

To climb to the top of Vitranec, all you need is a good pair of hiking shoes, and suitable clothing in winter as the climb is not technically demanding. The forest trail via the ski slope is well signposted but it is quite long and steep, for which we recommend taking the longer route towards Lakes Jasna and on along the ridge of the mountain itself. You can see the Jasna Lakes, cross the Jasna suspension bridge, explore the Vopa Cave, and enjoy the wonderful views offered by the many viewpoints along the way. The end of the tour is Mojca Lodge in Vitranc, where you can enjoy a home-cooked meal. On the way back you can take the ski slope route, which leads you directly back to the Reset Apartments. These are located right next to the ski slopes at the foot of the mountain itself.

Vopa Cave

The Vitranc route is suitable for all ages as you don’t need any mountaineering skills or equipment. It is quite demanding in terms of fitness but can be walked by practically anyone with a few stops. However, we recommend good hiking shoes, a good supply of fluids, and a snack.

Mount Vitranc is home to the Kranjska Gora and Podkoren ski slopes and is best known for the Vitranc Cup, which takes place on its slopes every year. There are also two chairlifts leading up to the mountain, which you can take if you have any doubts about your fitness. The view from the top is magnificent, offering views of the Julian Alps and the villages of Kranjska Gora and Podkoren at its foot.

How to get to the top

On the ski slope

You can easily climb to the top directly via the ski slope, following the Vitranc 1 chairlift and later the Vitranc 2. The route is quite steep and will require a bit of fitness. If you have younger children, we recommend that you go at least as far as the end of the first chairlift, Vitranc 1. There is a Bedančev dom (Bedanec Lodge) with a children’s playground, and the view of the village of Podkoren and the Korensko sedlo pass from the final chairlift stop is wonderful.

You continue directly up the hill above Bedančev dom to the second chairlift, Vitranc 2, which you follow all the way to the top. Return along the same path or along the ridge to Jasna Lakes.

Follow the ridge

The ridge trail is much less steep but quite a bit longer, but we highly recommend it because of the extraordinary views and numerous viewpoints. Turn left from the apartments and head through the center of Kranjska Gora to Jasna Lakes (directions to the lakes can be found here). The forest trail starts in front of the lakes, just after the bridge over the Pišnica River, and leads over the suspension bridge, which is one of the most popular adrenaline attractions in the area. The footbridge is anchored on both sides with belt anchors and has a span of 30 m.

At the end of the bridge, turn left and follow the well-trodden and signposted path – follow the signs Vitranc and Cipernik. The trail is mostly through the forest. At the turn-off for Mala Pišnica, you will find the first viewpoint – a rocky ledge that juts out of the cliff directly above the Mala Pišnica river and offers magnificent views of the neighboring Robičje mountain, Travnik and Jalovec mountains (to the right), and Prisank and Razor mountains (to the left).

You continue in the direction of Vitranc, along the slope above Kranjska Gora until you reach the signs for the Pehta Cave (you have to turn off the path to see it, but it is only a minute walk to the cave). The path continues to the top of the ridge, which leads you past wonderful viewpoints and precipices all the way to Mojca Lodge at the top.

Return along the same route or directly along the slopes of the ski slopes all the way to the apartments. If you have enough fitness, you can continue the trip to the neighboring mountain Ciprnik from which you descend directly to Planica.

For a description of the route to Mount Ciprnik, click here.

View of the surrounding mountains:

  • Jalovec (2.645 m)
  • Travnik (2.379 m)
  • Prednje Robičje (1.941 m)
  • Prisank (2.547 m)
  • Razor (2.601 m)
  • Škrlatica (2.740 m)
  • Špik (2.472 m)
  • Rušica (2.096 m)

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