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Ljubljana Castle

Starting poing:
Destination address:
Reset Apartments, Kranjska Gora
Parking Kongresni trg, Kongresni trg 1, Ljubljana

Triple bridge Tromostovje

From the car park, head straight to the banks of the Ljubljanica River, and continue left (right bank of the Ljubljanica) until you reach the famous Triple Bridge, which is located right next to Prešeren Square. The bridge is the work of the famous Slovenian architect Plečnik.

10 Ljubljana’s top attractions

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We suggest that you set off in the evening, after 5 pm, as the trip to the Slovenian capital Ljubljana is not a full-day trip like the other trips described in the “Explore Slovenia” section. Ljubljana is a city of bridges, so we suggest that you start with a walk along the Ljubljanica River to experience the pulse of the city and explore its beautiful bridges, terraces, and the many cafés that line its banks.

You can continue your walk along the right bank of the Ljubljanica as far as the Butcher’s Bridge, or a little further on to the Dragon’s Bridge, where you can also cross the river and return along the left bank to Plečnik’s bridge through the Ljubljana Market.

Destination address:
Zmajski most, Resljeva cesta, Ljubljana

Fishmarket (Ribja Brv) Footbridge

Franciscan Church

France Preseren monument

Triple bridge Tromostovje

Bucher’s (Mesarski) bridge

Dragon’s (Zmajski) bridge

When you get back to the Triple Bridge, turn right towards the town squares with the Town Hall and Robba Fountain.

Destination address:
Robba fountain, Town Square, Ljubljana

Central Market

Robba Fountain

Ljubljana Cathedral

The Robba Fountain is also known as the Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers and is the fountain that stands in front of Ljubljana Town Hall at Town Square It was originally made in 1751 by the Italian sculptor Francesco Robba and is one of the city’s most recognizable symbols.

Turn left at the fountain to see Ljubljana Cathedral – the Baroque Church of St Nicholas, and continue all the way to Krek Square, where the lower station of the funicular railway is on your right, taking you to Ljubljana Castle.

Destination address:
Lower Funicular station, Krekov trg, Ljubljana

Ljubljana castle is a contemporary castle with a rich history. It is located on the green hill in the middle of the city, behind ancient walls, and is a rich world of historical, cultural, and other entertaining content. Whenever you want to get closer to the sun, or when you need a different view of the world, food for your soul, or a delicious meal, it is an excellent time to climb to the Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljana’s main squares and streets are full of restaurants, local people, events, and nightlife.
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