Fire spectacle

The Hike of the Parkeljni (Krampus)

There are so many “parkeljni” from all sorts of places you have never seen. An increasingly popular event, named by organizers Fire Spectacle in Podkoren, is expected to become the real festival.

The “parkeljni” are mythical creatures, terrifying black men, going from house to house and frightening children. It originated from pagan times when these evil spirits became companions and helpers of St. Nicholas: by Christian values, the saint rewarded the good children, and “parkeljni” (Krampus) frightened the naughty ones.

This rich and interesting tradition was turned into a proper event, slowly growing into a real international festival of “parkeljni” (Krampus).

You are invited to join us in Podkoren on Friday 24 November from 18:00. After the Podkoren event, there will be an afterparty at the Vitranc Hall in Kranjska Gora.