Shake the change – swing festival Radovljica

Dance and music evenings, which will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will take place on Linhart Square starting at 19:30 and will last until 23:30. (It will also be possible for outside visitors to see the music groups, and the fenced dance floor will be for festival participants.)

On Friday and Saturday, the Belgian/French band Reverent Juke Band plays jazz music aimed at swing dancers.

The dance evening on Sunday will be enriched by a six-piece band from Ljubljana – Icy Isabella Jazz Band. Icy Isabella Jazz Band is a fresh band that plays swing music from the late 30s and early 40s of the last century. Their repertoire is carefully selected and arranged especially with Lindy Hop and Balboa dancers in mind. The cast consists of:
Lenart Krečič – tenor saxophone, vocals
Jaka Kopač – alto saxophone
Tomaž Gajšt – trumpet
Gašper Bertoncelj – drums
Nikola Matošić – double bass
Aljaž Draškovič-Bračun – guitar

As part of the festival, there are also vintage stands, with clothes and shoes for this dance genre.

On all three days of the festival, there will be solo swing workshops – Solo Jazz, swing in pairs – Lindy Hop, and trio workshops – Swing Trio. The workshops will take place in Radovljiska Grascina and Radovljica Primary School. World-renowned dance teachers come from Catalonia, Greece and Slovenia, and dancers from all over Europe.

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Maja Ramus

Maja Ramus