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Reset Apartments
Zelenci Nature Reserve
Elevation: 818 m - 949 m
6 km
Height difference: 131 m
Asphalt road
80% Bike only


Planica Nordic Center - Museum
Ratece Village


Tamar Valley
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Planica, also known as the valley below Ponce Mountains, is a glacial valley in the north-western part of the Julian Alps. It is known for its rich sporting history and for hosting major ski jumping and ski flying competitions. In recent years, the ski jumping hills have been completely renovated and a modern Nordic Centre has been built to promote other Nordic disciplines in addition to ski jumping. Planica is bounded on the west by the Ponce Mountains (the highest peak is Visoka Ponca at 2274 m), on the east by Ciprnik (1745 m) and Sleme (1815 m), and on the south (in Tamar) by Mojstrovka (2366 m), Travnik (2379 m) and Jalovec (2645 m).

In front of the village of Rateče, there is a small swamp, which turns into a small lake with a beautiful view of the Planica Ponce Mountains during heavy rains.

A bike trip to Planica is an ideal family outing, also suitable for younger children. From the Reset Apartments, turn left and follow the cycling route towards Planica. Thanks to the well-paved cycling route, you can also use roller skates to get there. The trail runs along the northern edge of the Triglav National Park, just below the Vitranc ski slopes, and takes you directly into the valley below Ponce Mountains. In between, we recommend you visit the Zelenci Nature Reserve or take a ride through the idyllic alpine village of Podkoren. Before turning off towards Planica, you can take a detour through Rateče, where you can experience an adventure in the Escape Museum or stop at one of the many tavernas and restaurants, known far and wide for their exceptional offer of homemade food and drink. You can also stop at the Pehta log cabin, located under the Podkoren part of the ski resort, just before the turnoff for the Zelenci Nature Reserve. Here you can always try spoon dishes, croissants or authentic homemade sour milk.

There is a small swamp at the turn-off for Planica, which turns into a beautiful lake during the heavy rains in spring and autumn. In winter, of course, if the water level is favorable, the lake turns into a beautiful ice-skating rink in nature.

The last part of the trail is a bit steep and follows the regional road, which leads you directly under the mighty Planiška ski jumps, surrounded by the beautiful amphitheater of the many two-thousand-meter mountains of the Julian Alps. The cycling route to Planica is entirely asphalted. If you have mountain bikes, you can cross the forest path at the back (left, at the turn-off for Zelenci), but you will probably have to get off your bike a few times in between, as the path is more suitable for walkers. You can also continue by mountain bike from Planica further into the Tamar valley, all the way to the lodge in Tamar. The macadam trail is wide and well-maintained, but it is quite steep, certainly suitable for those in better shape and probably not suitable for younger children.

View of the surrounding mountains

  • Visoka Ponca (2.228m)
  • Kotova špica (2.376)
  • Jalovec (2.645 m)
  • Travnik (2.379 m)
  • Visoka Peč (1.749 m)

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