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Tandem paragliding flights are organized by Julijana Turizem, located in the center of Kranjska Gora. The agency also organizes transport and escorts.


However, prior reservation is required at the Julijana Turizem agency or by calling the phone number you will find on their website

Get ready for your dream flight

Tandem skydiving or paragliding is one of the best experiences of paragliding. Fly with an experienced paraglider pilot and experience the breathtaking views of the Karavanke and Julian Alps. The take-off point is located on the northern sunny side, in the Karavanke Mountains, where the thermals are extremely good and the wind buoyancy is favorable.

Route description:

Follow the road towards Korensko sedlo and 1 km before the crossing turns right onto the forest path. Follow the macadam road and after approx. 6 km, at the second turning, turn left. After 3 km, you will see the Grpišca airstrip on your right, located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level. The road is only suitable for off-road or higher vehicles.

  • Take-off: Kranjska Gora South – Grpišca
  • Take-off altitude: 1600 m
  • Landing height: 800 m
  • GPS coordinates: 46,503736, 13,795758

For more information on booking, visit the Julijana Turizem website

Wind tunnel in Planica

Wind tunnel in Planica


Wind Tunel in Planica


  • Duration: 45 min
  • Max. speed: up to 250 km/h
  • Min. age: 6 years
  • Min. body weight: 20 kg
  • Max. body weight: 100 kg
  • Max. body height: 2 meters
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Hidden dream of flying
can come true in Planica




You can only book online at

  • Booking in advance is required
  • Collection point 10 minutes before your appointment
  • Recommended sports clothing and footwear

The most beautiful adventure in the family album 🙂

Pre-booking is required for flying in the wind tunnel. You can make your reservation or purchase online at You must arrive at the reception of the Planica Nordic Centre (the central building opposite the ski-flying hill) at least 10 minutes before your appointment.

The flight instructors will kindly explain the whole procedure, distribute the equipment and answer any questions you may have. Each wind tunnel participant will receive a helmet, earplugs, and a flight suit. The suit is to be worn over your clothes.

You will enter the wind tunnel with an instructor who will help you learn the correct basic position. Once you get used to the strong airflow, the instructor will lower you and allow you to fly 2 meters above the ground. You will enter the wind tunnel several times for 1.5 minutes.

You do not need any additional knowledge to fly in the wind tunnel. The device is suitable for participants who do not have any psychophysical problems related to altitude and the use of the device would pose a health or other hazard or risk to them or others. Physical limitations are mainly related to minimum and maximum body weight and height.



Planica Museum

Planica Museum

Explore local heritage

Planica Museum

Lake Jasna
Elevation: 818 - 950 m
5.5 km
132 m of height difference
1 h 15 min walk
Asphalt - Forest
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

In the middle of the world-famous valley famous for its legendary ski flights, the Planica Nordic Centre is a museum of Planica’s history and tradition. It showcases the achievements and records that have shaped the Slovenian ski jumping scene and its development during the 1980s, starting with the record set in 1934. On these ski jumps, for the first time in the world, a record of over one hundred and two hundred metres was broken. On the first floor you will learn all about Stanko Bloudek and the Bloudek Giant, and on the second floor you will learn all about the famous Gorišek brothers.

The technical development of ski jumping with all the equipment and interesting facts about this winter sport are also presented. There are not only two ski jumping simulators where visitors can try out the role of ski jumpers, but even an interactive station to try out the role of a ski jumping judge. Peter Prevc, Jurij Tepeš, Franci Petek, and other ‘Eagles’ will talk to you on the hologram. Every year, at the end of the winter season, thousands of enthusiastic fans from all over the world gather in this very place to support the brave young ski jumpers.

Nearby attractions

If you head to the Planica Museum, you can also see:

  •  the world-famous ski jumps… take on the challenge of walking up the countless stairs to the top of the Giant flying hill
  • the lodge in Tamar
  • Nadiža waterfall
  • zip line Planica
  • Planica wind tunnel
  • cross-country skiing in the cross-country tunnel
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Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping


Ski Jumping

Lake Jasna
Hill Record: 252 m
2 Youth ski-jumps
Nordic center
1 Flying hill
3 Junior ski-jumps
Must see
2 Giant ski-jumps
Planica museum
950 m of elevation
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The legendary winter sport of the Slovenian “Eagles” has its roots in Planica – in the world-famous valley below Ponce Mountains! The place has gained a reputation for its exceptionally well-run major sporting events and competitions, with an ever-growing number of fans and spectators from all over the world. The traditional Planica Summer Festival is a sport that all Slovenians are passionate about, with 20,000 to 40,000 spectators gathering in Planica over the course of three days.

The ski jumping hills in Planica are considered the pride of all Slovenians, while the competitions are almost a national holiday. National pride is understandable as Slovenians, as a relatively small nation (approx. 2 million), have become a world superpower in ski jumping and flying.


The history of ski jumping in Slovenia dates back to 1921 when the first Slovenian ski jumping hill was built in Bohinj, where Jože Pogačar set the first Slovenian and at the same time Yugoslav national record with 9 meters.

The Bloudek Giant, which for 16 years was considered the largest in the world, was built in 1934. In 1936, it became the first place where a man jumped more than 100 meters in history. The record was set on 15 March 1936 by 18-year-old Austrian Sepp Bradl, who landed at 101.5 meters and became world famous for his record-breaking jump. Over the years, 13 world records have been set on the hill.

The largest flying hill, the ‘Flying Hill of Gorišek brothers’, was completed in 1969 to the designs of brothers Lado and Janez Goriška. This hill also opened up new dimensions for the jumpers, who set 28 world records, including the first-ever flight over 200 m. The record was set on 17 March 1994 by Toni Nieminen, who became the first man in history to fly over the magic 200 meters mark. Planica thus became the cradle of a new Nordic discipline called ‘Ski Flying’.

A new milestone was also set in 2014 when Planica hosted the first-ever women’s World Cup competition.

Ski Jumping and Ski Flying are held every year. So far, only the competition during the COVID-19 epidemic has been canceled, as the World Championships were moved by 9 months from March to December 2020 and held without spectators. As a point of interest, Planica is also the venue for the last World Cup ski jumping and ski flying competition each year.


The sport of ski jumping in Planica has developed with the renovation and construction of the modern Nordic Centre. With the exception of the Flying hill of Gorišek brothers, the rest of the flying hills are covered with plastic, allowing events and training all year round. In addition to the ski jumping hills, the infrastructure for cross-country skiing has been improved, and as an attraction, a zip line with a giant hill, a wind tunnel for simulated free-fall, an underground snow-covered hall for cross-country skiing, the Alpine Museum, and a disc golf park have been built.

List of ski jumps:

  • Junior ski jumping hill (HS 15, 30 and 45 meters)
  • Youth ski jumping hill (HS 61 and 80 meters)
  • Bloudek Giant (HS 104 and 139 meters)
  • Flying hill of Gorisek brothers (HS 225 meters)



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