Martuljek Waterfalls

Martuljek Waterfalls

Leave the road, take the trails

Martuljek waterfalls

Lake Jasna
Reset Apartments
Kranjska Gora
Lower Martuljek Waterfall
Upper Martuljek Waterfall
Must see
Elevation: 740 m - 1.278 m
5.7 km to start
5.7 km to start
538 m of height difference
3.4 km
Forest path


Log cabin "Pri Ingotu"
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The Martuljek Waterfalls are located in the picturesque Martuljek Mountain Group, just below Špik, one of Slovenia’s most famous mountains. The waterfalls are named after the village of Martuljek, where the starting point of the tour is. The waterfalls themselves consist of two waterfalls, the Upper and the Lower Waterfall. The lower one is 50m high, while the upper one is particularly spectacular as it flows over a 110m high cliff surrounded by a white-rock amphitheatre. Both waterfalls are easily accessible and suitable for a trip with younger children, provided you stick to the well-maintained and marked trails. However, if you want to get right below the upper waterfall, you will have to climb over a difficult passage secured with ropes, which is only suitable for experienced and well-equipped hillwalkers, so we advise against this part of the trail.

Upper waterfall

The Martuljek waterfalls, fed by the Martuljek stream, are located in an area that was declared a landscape park in 1949 and became part of the Triglav National Park (TNP) in 1981. The waterfalls are most beautiful in the late spring when the snow begins to melt in the mountains above them, and in the autumn rainy days.

How to get to the waterfalls?

From the Reset Apartments (direction Ljubljana), the starting point of the tour in the village of Martuljek is an 8-minute drive away by car, or you can cycle there on the Kranjska Gora – Martuljek cycling route. You can park at the Triangel Hotel, but please note that the parking lot is often busy on weekends and during the peak tourist season. There is no entrance fee to visit the waterfalls!

From the car park, follow the asphalted cycling route straight to the forest path, which is well-signposted (you can also find it in the “Google Maps” app) and is suitable for everyone, including families with young children. The ground becomes steep near the waterfalls, so take extra care.

The path below the upper waterfall itself, to the small pool, leads through a difficult passage secured with ropes and is recommended only for properly equipped and experienced hikers.

In the beginning, follow:

  • the signpost “Log cabin at Ingot
  • later, follow the signs for “II. Martuljek waterfall”

Log cabin “Pri Ingotu”

If you want to try homemade delicacies or spoon dishes, we recommend a short stop at the log cabin “Pri Ingotu”, which is located somewhere in the middle between the first and the second waterfall.

Home-made fruit and herb juices are a specialty of the log cabin, and you can also enjoy a sip of homemade “ta kratki”, a schnapps made by the caretaker’s daughter and her husband. You can also warm up with hot tea made from the surrounding herbs, while outdoors you will be welcomed by the black kitchen, where you will witness the cooking of a stew in a cauldron over an open fire. For those with a sweet tooth, there are excellent homemade desserts.

For more information about the restaurant, click here.

For cyclists

You can also take a trip by bike on the D3 cycling route, which leads directly past our apartments in the direction of Ljubljana. The forest path to the waterfalls described above is not suitable for cycling, so you will need to leave your bike in Martuljek village and continue on foot towards the waterfalls. The log cabin “Pri Ingotu” can otherwise be reached by mountain bike, but there is a branch off the cycling route onto the forest path further towards Jesenice.

View of the surrounding mountains

  • Špik (2.472 m)
  • Rušica (2.096 m)
  • Dovški Križ (2.542 m)
  • Kukova špica (2.417 m)
  • Sleme (1.656m)
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