Bike Park

Bike Park


Bike Park


  • Basic tracks: 5
  • Start: 1,200 m above sea level.
  • Finish: 907 m above sea level.
  • Elevation difference: 293 m
  • Average incline: 21 %
  • Equipment hire: YES
  • Bike rental: YES

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The trails of the bike park run on the terrain of the ski resort and the surrounding forests and have an average incline of around 21%. They are very varied as they are designed for different levels of difficulty and are suitable for beginners as well as the most demanding mountain bikers who have been mountain biking for a long time. From the start to the finish, there are countless possible combinations, so you can create a downhill to suit your abilities and preferences.

The Vitranc 1 chairlift takes you from 907 m to 1,200 m of vertical drop in comfort. There are 5 different basic routes prepared in advance, each with its own special characteristics, which delight mountain bikers from all over the world.

Family Business

The family “flow” trail is suitable for beginners and families as it is relatively easy, with simple facilities, and is designed to teach mountain biking skills. The course was created to bring mountain biking to a wider audience, with facilities for more advanced riders, but also suitable for beginners.

Morning Wood (Northshore trail)

The Morning Wood “Northshore” trail has many facilities including a wall ride. The route is characterized by a classic northshore style – riding on mainly wooden structures.

Funky Jazz (enduro track)

Enduro natural track provides a fun way to ride for any skilled mountain biker.

Luft Waffe(l) (air track)

The so-called “airline” Luft Waffe(l) course is aimed at the most passionate aviators, where they try to give riders as much time in the air as possible. It is characterized by high and long jumps and relatively high speeds throughout the track.

DH Veetranz – (DH track)

A classic downhill track in the Bike Park Kranjska Gora, which has hosted many races in the past. This track is suitable for experienced mountain bikers.

Equipment rental

If you want to try mountain biking on the slopes of Vitranec, they will take care of you at the bottom station of the chairlift, where there is a rental shop for protective equipment and bicycles.