Forest Walk

Forest Walk


Morning walk in the Forest

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Forest/Macadam road
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Podkoren Village
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The village Kranjska Gora is surrounded by vast spruce forests, crisscrossed by numerous paths. Explore the forest glades, vast meadows, and pastures in the surroundings, with beautiful views of the Karavanke mountain range and the many peaks of the Julian Alps. Most of the paths away from the tourist attractions are rarely used by tourists, as few visitors are aware of the network of footpaths that cross the regional road, opposite our apartments.

“Kozolci” (hayracks) are specific to the Upper Sava Valley. Due to the very humid climate, they have been and continue to be used as a preparation for drying hay.

If you want to take a short walk, get some exercise, get some fresh air, or just run, you can do a circuit through the woods and surrounding meadows (map above). The paths and tracks are arranged and suitable also for short family walks and anyone who wants to enjoy nature and silence. And don’t worry – you won’t get lost, as all paths and tracks lead back to Kranjska Gora or the nearby village of Podkoren. You can also explore the trails with a mountain bike and if you want to have a picnic in nature, you will quickly find a suitable place here.

Directions for the trip

From Reset Apartments, take the bike path in the direction of Podkoren (approx. 50 m), then turn right, where you cross the main road and the bridge over the Sava River. After a few meters, you will reach the crossroads where the forest begins. The left path leads to Podkoren but you turn right up the hill along the forest path. Keep left at the crossroads and follow the path that crosses the meadows to the next forest track that leads you along a small ridge and eventually descends back to the macadam road. You can turn right to Kranjska Gora or left, back towards the village of Podkoren.

If you wish, you can visit the village and return to the apartments along the bike path or the path across the meadows along the Sava River as shown on the map above.

Sights in the immediate vicinity

If you will take a walk, we recommend you visit:

  • the Alpine village of Podkoren
  • continue from Podkoren to the nature reserve Zelenci