Vrsic Mountain Pass

Vrsic Mountain Pass

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Vrsic Mountain Pass

Reset Apartments
Kranjska Gora
Lake Jasna
Russian Chappel
Elevation: 818 m - 1.611 m
12.9 km
Height difference: 793 m
Asphalt road


Lake Jasna
Russian Chappel
Pagan Girl in the cliffs


Trenta and Soca Valley
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

At 1611 metres above sea level, Vršič is the highest road pass in Slovenia and in the whole of the eastern Julian Alps, connecting Kranjska Gora with the Trenta Valley and Bovec. The road was built during World War I by Russian war prisoners, whose sacrifices are commemorated by the Russian chapel above the road between Mihov dom (Miha’s odge) and the Koča na Gozdu (Lodge in the Woods). The mountain pass itself, apart from being an important link between the Gorenjska and Primorska regions, is one of the most important starting points for hiking tours to the peaks of Mala Mojstrovka (2332 m), Velika Mojstrovka (2366 m), Planja (2453 m), Prisojnik (Prisank) (2547 m), Razor (2601 m), Šitna glava (2087 m), Slemenova špica (1911 m), Sovna glava (1750 m) and Suhi vrh (2109 m). There are several mountain lodges in the summit: Erjavčeva koča (Erjavec lodge) (1515 m), Tičarjev dom (Tičar lodge) (1620 m), Koča na Gozdu (Lodge in the Woods) (1226 m) and Poštarska koča (Postman’s lodge) (1725 m).

The Pagan Girl is a natural phenomenon that you really must see for its magnificence.

The Vršič Pass is named after the 1,737 m high mountain of the same name, located between the Poštarski dom (Postman’s lodge) and the pass. As already mentioned, the pass is an important starting point for excursions and hikes to the many peaks of this part of the Julian Alps. There is no shortage of possibilities. From the top of the pass, you can go on short hikes or longer and more demanding mountain tours.

Vršič as a starting point for excursions and hikes in the mountains

Before you set off, make sure you check the weather conditions and choose the best route for your equipment and skills!

  • Easy trails:
    • To the Pagan girl and Poštarski dom (Postman’s lodge)
    • The trail to Slemenova Špica
    • Route to the top of Vršič
    • Route to the shelter below Špiček
    • Route over Šitna Glava to Mala Mojstrovka
    • Route to Šitna Glava
    • Route to Sovna Glava
    • Route to Prednje Robičje
  • Medium difficulty trails:
    • South trail to Mala Mojstrovka
    • Route to Zadnja Mojstrovka
    • Route to Travnik
    • Route to Kol
  • Difficult mountain trails:
    • Slovenian route to Prisank
    • Route to Planja
    • Ridge route to Travnik
    • Over the Jalovška škrbina or past the shelter below Špiček to Veliki Ozebnik
    • Route to Zadnjo Mojstrovka via Šitna Glava
    • Route to Suhi Vrh
  • Caution! Extremely difficult hikes:
    • Trail over Kajzljeva škrbina or along Kopiščarjeva, Jubilejna and Grebenska pot to Prisank
    • Hanzova or Južna pot to Mala Mojstrovka
    • To Jalovec past the shelter below Špiček or via the Jalovška škrbina
    • To Razor

By bike to Vršič

Cycling to Vršič is a challenge that many cyclists take up every year, either at the Vršič Cycle Race or at the annual Goni Poni fun event – a competition with antique bicycles from the Poni (Rog) brand. The road is beautiful and paved on some of the serpentines, but we must warn you that the tour is long and steep, and is really more suited to cyclists with a lot of fitness. If you don’t have much fitness, take the time to make short stops in the lodges along the way and with a bit of effort you will surely make it up the 52 serpentines.

From the Reset Apartments, turn left along the cycling route to Kranjska Gora. Pass through the center on the right and turn right at the turnoff at the Best Western Hotel onto the Vršiška road, which will take you within a few minutes to the first obligatory stop – Lake Jasna. Continue to the bridge over the Pišnica river (the macadam road to Krnica branches off to the left), where the first more difficult climb begins, lasting until the first serpentine. There are 24 of them at the top.

The trail continues all the way to Mihov’s dom (Miha’s lodge), and later to Koča na Gozdu (Lodge in the Woods), with the next obligatory stop being a visit to the Russian Chapel, built in memory of the Russian soldiers who were building the road over the pass during World War I and were tragically buried in an avalanche of snow. Just above the Koča na Gozdu, there is a lookout point with maps of the mountains and a magnificent view of the most famous natural window in the Julian Alps – the Prisank Window. The window is one of the largest natural mountain openings in Slovenia, 80 meters high and 40 meters wide.

The final part of the trail is particularly interesting, as the forest border opens up to spectacular views of the magnificent two-thousand-meter mountains that surround the pass on all sides. There are three lodges at the top, where you will be catered for with home-cooked meals and spoon meals. We recommend that you visit Erjavečeva koča (Erjavec lodge) first, and then continue over the top of the pass, where you can leave your bicycles and walk to Tičarjev dom (Tičar lodge).

A must-walk from the top of the pass!

If you have already made the effort to get to Vršič, we strongly recommend that you take the time for a shorter walk past Tičarjev dom and on to the Poštarski dom (Postman’s lodge). Here the views are truly magnificent, and the path also leads past the Pagan Girl, one of the major landmarks of the Slovenian Julian Alps, carved by nature into the side of mountain Prisank. The image takes its name from a folk legend, a tale that partly describes the history of the Slovene nation.

The trail itself is not long or difficult and is beautifully maintained, so it is suitable for younger children.

View of the surrounding mountains

  • Visoka Ponca (2.228m)
  • Kotova špica (2.376)
  • Jalovec (2.645 m)
  • Travnik (2.379 m)
  • Visoka Peč (1.749 m)

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