Ciprnik (1.745 m)

Ciprnik (1.745 m)


Mount Ciprnik (1.745 m)

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Elevation: 818 m - 1.745 m
cca 5 km
Height difference: 927 m


Mount Visoka Peč
Mount Vitranc
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Ciprnik is an easily accessible 1745 m high lookout peak with several trails leading to it. Thanks to its location, the peak is famous for its magnificent views of many surrounding mountains, the Mala Pišnica valley, the Tamar valley and, of course, the world-famous ski jumping centre Planica. All you need for the route are good hiking shoes, plenty of fluids and a snack. If you have younger children, we recommend that you take the route over the Vitranc mountain, which can be reached by chairlift. We advise against the route from Planica, as it runs partly along the edge of the precipices and is very steep.

Signpost at the top of Vitranc

How to get to the top?

Directions from Vitranc by chairlift

If you only want to go for a short trip, if you have younger children, or if you are out of shape, this option is the right choice for you, as you will only have to climb less than 100 m to reach Ciprnik. It will take you only 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the top from the final chairlift station. From the top of Vitranc, turn west along the ridge to the top of Ciprnik. The forest floor is level and well-trodden and leads through a beautiful larch forest.

You can return along the same route, or turn down the slope at the signpost for Planica. Descend directly into the Planica Valley and walk back to the apartments. If you have younger children, we advise against this route.

Direction Kranjska Gora – Jasna – Vitranc – Ciprnik (recommended)

The route to Ciprnik from Lake Jasna via the ridge of Vitranc is suitable for all ages as you do not need any mountaineering knowledge or equipment. It is quite demanding in terms of fitness but can be walked by practically everyone with a few stops. However, we recommend good hiking shoes, a good supply of fluids, and a snack.

The route to Vitranc is described in the blog “Vitranc (1.636m)” (click here to see it). From the top of Vitranc, at the final chairlift stop, the route continues along the ridge (see above “Directions from Vitranc by chairlift”).

Direction Planica – Cipernik

You can either walk from the apartments (the route to Planica is described here) or you can drive to Planica.

Park at Dom Planica, where the forest trail starts at the signpost for Cipernik on the left. The path will lead up the steep slope to the lookout point (a small wooden house with a terrace), where you will have one of the most beautiful views of the Planica Ski Jumping Centre and its ski jumps. The point is suitable for a really wonderful family photo. From here on, the trail will lead you along a steep ridge and wooded slopes all the way to the Ciprnik ridge, where the Vitranc trail joins from the left. Turn right and follow the path as it climbs gently to the top.

Return along the same path, either via the Vitranc path to Lake Jasna or via Vitranc directly down the ski slopes back to the apartments.

View of the surrounding mountains:

  • Visoka Ponca (2.228m)
  • Kotova špica (2.376)
  • Jalovec (2.645 m)
  • Travnik (2.379 m)
  • Visoka Peč (1.749 m)
  • Prednje Robičje (1.941 m)
  • Prisank (2.547 m)
  • Razor (2.601 m)
  • Škrlatica (2.740 m)

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