Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping


Ski Jumping

Lake Jasna
Hill Record: 252 m
2 Youth ski-jumps
Nordic center
1 Flying hill
3 Junior ski-jumps
Must see
2 Giant ski-jumps
Planica museum
950 m of elevation
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

The legendary winter sport of the Slovenian “Eagles” has its roots in Planica – in the world-famous valley below Ponce Mountains! The place has gained a reputation for its exceptionally well-run major sporting events and competitions, with an ever-growing number of fans and spectators from all over the world. The traditional Planica Summer Festival is a sport that all Slovenians are passionate about, with 20,000 to 40,000 spectators gathering in Planica over the course of three days.

The ski jumping hills in Planica are considered the pride of all Slovenians, while the competitions are almost a national holiday. National pride is understandable as Slovenians, as a relatively small nation (approx. 2 million), have become a world superpower in ski jumping and flying.


The history of ski jumping in Slovenia dates back to 1921 when the first Slovenian ski jumping hill was built in Bohinj, where Jože Pogačar set the first Slovenian and at the same time Yugoslav national record with 9 meters.

The Bloudek Giant, which for 16 years was considered the largest in the world, was built in 1934. In 1936, it became the first place where a man jumped more than 100 meters in history. The record was set on 15 March 1936 by 18-year-old Austrian Sepp Bradl, who landed at 101.5 meters and became world famous for his record-breaking jump. Over the years, 13 world records have been set on the hill.

The largest flying hill, the ‘Flying Hill of Gorišek brothers’, was completed in 1969 to the designs of brothers Lado and Janez Goriška. This hill also opened up new dimensions for the jumpers, who set 28 world records, including the first-ever flight over 200 m. The record was set on 17 March 1994 by Toni Nieminen, who became the first man in history to fly over the magic 200 meters mark. Planica thus became the cradle of a new Nordic discipline called ‘Ski Flying’.

A new milestone was also set in 2014 when Planica hosted the first-ever women’s World Cup competition.

Ski Jumping and Ski Flying are held every year. So far, only the competition during the COVID-19 epidemic has been canceled, as the World Championships were moved by 9 months from March to December 2020 and held without spectators. As a point of interest, Planica is also the venue for the last World Cup ski jumping and ski flying competition each year.


The sport of ski jumping in Planica has developed with the renovation and construction of the modern Nordic Centre. With the exception of the Flying hill of Gorišek brothers, the rest of the flying hills are covered with plastic, allowing events and training all year round. In addition to the ski jumping hills, the infrastructure for cross-country skiing has been improved, and as an attraction, a zip line with a giant hill, a wind tunnel for simulated free-fall, an underground snow-covered hall for cross-country skiing, the Alpine Museum, and a disc golf park have been built.

List of ski jumps:

  • Junior ski jumping hill (HS 15, 30 and 45 meters)
  • Youth ski jumping hill (HS 61 and 80 meters)
  • Bloudek Giant (HS 104 and 139 meters)
  • Flying hill of Gorisek brothers (HS 225 meters)



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For winter sports fans

Skiing in Kranjska Gora

18 Ski slopes
13 Drag lifts
6 Chairlifts
20.000 skiers per hour
Snowboard park
40 km crosscountry ski trails
Night skiing
1.636 m highest point
813 m lovest point
Take advantage of the Reset Apartments ski-to-door access!
The ski terrains are literally on your doorstep.

Ideal for families with children!

Kranjska Gora is a famous ski center with an extremely long history. It lies on the outskirts of the Triglav National Park, with wonderful views of the Upper Sava Valley and beautiful mountain peaks of the Julian Alps and Karavanke mountain range. The place is easily accessible by car from practically all sides and is known as one of the best family ski resorts in this part of Europe due to its extraordinary location right next to the ski slopes and its position near the Austria and Italy border (triple border). Unlike other ski resorts, you don’t need a long drive with a gondola to access the ski terrains. The ski resort is only a few minutes walk from the center of the village, so you will always have everything at hand, from your accommodation, shops, swimming pools, ice rinks, wellness centers to countless inns and restaurants.

The ski season in Kranjska Gora usually lasts from mid-December until mid-March. Skiing and related activities are the lifeblood of the whole town, as Kranjska Gora offers plenty of fun and everything you’ll need on your winter break. The ski resort itself is home to the headquarters of renowned ski schools, and you can rent quality skis and equipment from one of the many ski rental shops located practically on the ski resort itself.

Ski terrain

The ski area is between 813 and 1600 m above sea level and is almost entirely covered by artificial snow, so the pistes are always fresh and well-groomed. In total, there are more than 30 km of pistes. The terrain is suitable for all levels of skiers, with only 2.5 km of pistes marked as “difficult pistes” – mostly competition pistes in Podkoren for professional skiers.

So whether you’re a beginner, recreational skier, or snowboarder, you will find something for yourself amongst the many terrains. If you’d like to take on more challenging slopes, head to the Podkoren side, which has been hosting the Alpine Ski World Championships for more than 50 years. In 2023, a new double chairlift, Vitranc 2, is under construction, which will take you to more than 1,600 m above sea level, but be warned, the terrain from the top of Vitranc is extremely steep and requires more skiing skills.

The capacity of the lifts is large and the slopes are very wide, so the crowds on the slopes themselves are not too bad. The biggest crowds are usually at the snow beach, where most people hang out, a little less on the Vitranc 1 chairlift, and the least crowded are usually on the Podkoren side, except for Velika Dolina, where the terrain is much more challenging. All in all, there are 4 four-seater lifts, two-seater lifts, and 13 different lifts in operation, with a total capacity of around 20,000 skiers per hour.

The ski slopes end with the ski terrain in the Velika Dolina (Podkoren), which extends almost to Rateče. Here you will find sunnier and, above all, more gentle slopes, which are extremely suitable for children and beginners. The ski slopes are well connected, so you should take your time and explore the whole ski area.

For beginners

If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you take one of the ski courses offered by the many ski schools in the area. We particularly recommend these courses for children who are new to skiing, as the first steps are very important. It is necessary to overcome fear and, of course, to learn the correct technique, which is much easier when you are with your peers and under the supervision of professional teachers. For those who would like to improve their existing skills, we recommend individual ski lessons.

Families with younger children

We recommend families with younger children to go to Velika Dolina – at the end of the Podkoren part of the ski resort, where you will find the most gentle slopes and lifts that are most suitable for children and skiers whose skiing skills are not yet suited to the steeper slopes. The terrain at this end of the ski area also enjoys long periods of sunshine and is usually less crowded than in Kranjska Gora.

Snow beach

At the foot of the ski slope in Kranjska Gora is the so-called snow beach, which is the venue for many events and activities. The gastronomic offer is varied, as most of the cafeterias and restaurants are located here and will make sure you don’t go hungry or thirsty. Buffet lunches, home-cooked meals, snacks, grills, fast food, desserts, or various snacks are always available, and you can also warm up with a hot cup of tea or mulled wine.

The snow beach is particularly attractive for children, who will find numerous playgrounds, baby ski lifts for the little ones, and a number of fun events and activities for them to join in. There is also a “snow” kindergarten, where they will take care of them so that you can enjoy a carefree ride on the snowy slopes of Kranjska Gora.

Night skiing

The view of Kranjska Gora from the top of the ski slope is spectacular at night, as almost the entire part of the ski slope above the winter beach is well-lit, which allows for quality skiing as the crowds are much smaller at night and the ski terrain is always fresh and newly groomed before night skiing. The Dolenčev Rut and Kekec chairlifts, as well as the Mojca 2 lift, are illuminated, as are the sledding track and the cross-country skiing track, which are located in the immediate vicinity. Depending on the number of skiers, the chairlifts operate alternately or both together.



Temperatures are usually much lower at night, so dress accordingly for night skiing.

Snowboard park

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding are becoming increasingly popular around the world, especially with younger people. The Snowboard Park is located on the left side of the Kekec chairlift and offers plenty of fun for all those who like to get into mischief in the snow – just make sure you’re properly equipped and protected…


Sledding is a favorite with the youngest children. There is a groomed sledding track next to the Kekec chairlift, but you can also go sledding in Gozd Martuljek, where, by prior arrangement, they offer night sledding on a 5-kilometer track, which is not difficult and is suitable for families. Snow banks are provided for safety and torches are lit to indicate where to slow down.

Night sledding on the Tamar trail is also extremely popular, especially at night when the full moon lights up the trail. If you’re up for an adventure, snowshoes and a good head torch are almost essential. The descent from Tamar is also suitable for families with younger children, provided the snow conditions are suitable. If the trail is too icy, we advise against sledding from the Tamar.

Vitranc World Cup

The Vitranc Cup is an annual alpine skiing competition for men in Kranjska Gora for the FIS Ski Cup, held on the so-called Vitranc slope or ‘Poligon’ in Podkoren. The Vitranc Cup is one of the so-called classic, traditional events, which is held every year in the World Cup competition at the peak of the ski season. The competition has been held since 1961, is a two-day event, and features two disciplines, first the slalom on Saturday and then the giant slalom on Sunday.

Since 2023, however, the Women’s Ski World Cup has permanently moved to Kranjska Gora from Pohorje, mainly due to the annual lack of snow, under the name of the “Zlata lisica “ (Golden Fox Race).

Other activities

Kranjska Gora caters to all non-skiers, with many other activities on offer. If you prefer ice skating to ski, you will find a small ice-skating rink in the center, and in very cold winters you can skate on the Jasna lake or on the frozen swamp in Rateče.

You can also go cross-country skiing on the well-maintained cross-country ski trails, or simply enjoy a relaxing walk to Lake Jasna, the Krnica lodge, and the Tamar lodge, or pamper yourself in the numerous wellness centers, saunas, or swimming pools.

For kids and adults

Ski Schools in Kranjska Gora

Many children make their first turns on their skis right here in Kranjska Gora. Many renowned ski schools have their headquarters here and they provide quality care for future ski champions – both adults and children. You can also hire a personal trainer who will make sure that you can carelessly ski down the slopes in the shortest possible time.


No excuse for staying at home

Ski Equipment Rental

Buy or rent? There are a multitude of factors to consider: How much will it cost? Does my skill level matter? Will I be able to rent equipment in good condition? Is the cost of getting my own setup worth it? Renting is often best for beginners, people who don’t ski often, those who are still testing the waters, or who are on the fence about investing in the sport. In recent years, the quality of ski equipment for rent has increased greatly, so we definitely recommend it.


Let’s go shopping

Winter Gear and Clothing shops

Long gone are the days when resorts were just somewhere to hit the slopes. Who cares about skiing when there are a ton of Mountain boutiques and shops full of the latest trends. Whether you’re a non-skier accompanying your family on a winter sports holiday or just a skier who likes to shop a bit in their free time, choosing a ski resort with attractive shopping options can make your ski holiday even better.


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