Pericnik Waterfalls

Pericnik Waterfalls


Pericnik Waterfalls

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Vrata Valley
Pericnik Waterfall
Must see
Elevation: 647 m - 771 m
19.2 km
4.7 km from Mojstrana
Height difference: 124 m
19.6 km
300 m forest walk


Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana
Jakob Aljaz Lodge


Uper Vrata Valley
Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

A protected natural heritage Pericnik Falls is one of Slovenia’s highest and best-known waterfalls. Both of the waterfalls are free to visit, have easy access and offer stunning scenery. You can even walk behind one of the waterfalls so, if you are looking for a great family photo this is the right place for you. The falls are located in the glacial Vrata Valley in Triglav National Park, where the water of Pericnik Creek flows into Bistrica Creek. The upper Pericnik Fall is 16 m high and the lower is 52 m. Must see 🙂

A view from behind the waterfall.

Getting to the waterfalls

The waterfalls can be visited in both summer and winter. It is most attractive in autumn or spring when the water level is higher, and in winter, when temperatures drop below zero for longer periods and the waterfalls transform into a beautiful curtain of ice candles and sculptures.

We recommend that you go directly to the waterfalls by car or at least drive to the village of Mojstrana, from where you can continue on foot through the glacial valley of Vrata. From the apartments, you can also cycle along the cycling route to Mojstrana (described in the Mojstrana article), from where you will have a slightly more difficult climb directly to the waterfalls themselves. In the summer months, there is also a tourist bus from Kranjska Gora to the waterfalls (click here for the timetable).

In any case, the route to the waterfalls starts in the village of Mojstrana, from where you follow the road through the glacial valley of Vrata all the way to the car park and the lodge at the Peričnik waterfall. Whether you set off by bike, car, or bus, you will have to continue on foot from here. The forest path is well maintained and fortunately not long. It runs along the right bank of the Peričnik River (on the right side if you are looking from the direction of the car park) and after about 10 minutes it leads to the first viewpoint at the lower waterfall, which you can see from all sides as the path leads directly from the waterfall.

If you want to see the upper waterfall, you will have to go back along the same path a few tens of meters to the Peričnik – upper waterfall marker, where the path starts to climb steeply all the way to the viewpoint at the upper waterfall.

Attractions in the surroundings

If you are already in this area, it would be a pity not to continue all the way to the end of the Vrata valley, where the well-known Aljažev dom (Aljaž Lodge) stands at 1015m, with a wonderful view of the northern face of Slovenia’s largest mountain, Triglav. You can also see a giant wedge with a carabiner, a memorial to all the victims who were taken by the mountains.

On the way back, we suggest you visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana. For more information about the museum, click here.

Vrata Valley is a starting point for excursions and hikes in the mountains

Vrata Valley is one of the best-known starting points for mountaineering tours to many of the surrounding mountains.

Easy routes:

  • Zgornje Kriško jezero – Upper Lake Kriško (past Pogačnikov dom – Pogačnik Lodge
  • Koča na Doliču
  • Kanjavec
  • Luknja
  • Bivak na Rušju (a bivouac)
  • Bivak pod Luknjo (a bivouac)
  • Gubno
  • Kucelj (Julian Alps)

Moderately difficult routes:

  • Pogačnikov dom na Kriških podih (via Sovatno)
  • Spodnji Stenar (over Sovatno)
  • Križ (past the bivouac at Rušje)
  • Kriški rob (over Sovatno and past Pogačnikov dom)
  • Šplevta (Indijanec)

Difficult mountain hikes::

  • Triglavski dom na Kredarici (over Prag)
  • Bovški Gamsovec (over Luknja)
  • Bovški Gamsovec (via Sovatno)
  • Stenar (over Sovatno)
  • Stenar (over Stenarska vratca)
  • Dolkova špica (western route)
  • Križ (over Sovatno)
  • Rjavina (over Prag)
  • Cmir (over Prag)
  • Begunjski vrh (over Prag)
  • (Tominškova pot)
  • (over Prag)
  • Visoka Vrbanova špica (over Prag)
  • Planja (over Sovatno)
  • Šmarjetna glava (past Koča na Doliču)

Caution! Extremely difficult hikes:

  • Triglav (Tominškova pot)
  • Triglav (via Plemenice)
  • Triglav (Gamsja cesta round Triglav)
  • Razor (via Sovatno)
  • Dolkova špica (eastern route)
  • Dolkova špica (along the south-east ridge)
  • Križ (over Stenarska vrata)
  • Cmir (Tominškova pot)
  • Rjavina (Tominškova pot)
  • Rogljica (western route)
  • Begunjski vrh (Tominškova pot)
  • Glava v Zaplanji (over Plemenice)

Mountaineering ascents:

  • Spodnji (Lower) Rokav (Potočnik – Tominšek)

View of the surrounding mountains:

  • Triglav (2.864 m)
  • Stenar (2.501 m)
  • Begunjski vrh (2.461 m)
  • Sleme (1.656 m)
  • Kukova špica (2.417 m)
  • Dolkova špica (2.591 m)
  • Dovški Križ  (2.542 m)
  • Škrlatica (2.740 m)
  • Razor (2.601 m)
  • Križ (2.140 m)
  • Bovški Gamsovec (2.392 m)

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