Alojz Krevh – Luigi


Maize shelling (2010)

About the painter

The painter has participated several times in art colonies, which are organized almost every year by the painter Zdenka Vinšek under the name of the Bistrica Painting Muse. Usually, the artworks created at the colonies are put on display for visitors to the Pavlovec Gallery, so many years ago locals have already seen individual Krevh paintings there. The Prevalje painter acquired his theoretical knowledge at various seminars organized by the Cultural Association of Carinthian Artists. He discovered different techniques and painting skills, grew professionally, and reached the professional limits of artistic laws.

Landscape motifs

Krevh is a pronounced figurative painter, but on the other hand, it can be said that he is diversified in terms of motifs. He often takes up landscape motifs and depictions of architectural heritage. Thus, he complements landscapes with figurative scenes. He is particularly attracted by the motifs of horses as a symbol of movement, strength, and nobility. His works are a kind of walk through time, through Carinthian landscapes and rural tasks.


Alojz Krevh’s work is permeated by a love of the local landscape, animals, and people. In his own unique way, he invites and begs the observer to descend into the depths of his soul, to open his eyes and bare his heart. The motifs of his paintings are highly emotional and perhaps that is why they are so close to the viewer. His story is our story, his memory is our memory. Alojz Krevh’s paintings reflect the state of the world, and how quickly it has mutated into something we cannot really recognize.


Every year he exhibits with a group of Carinthian artists, and he often responds to invitations to participate in art colonies and camps at home and abroad. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries at home and in countries such as Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Austria. He has exhibited his work more than thirty times, both at home and abroad.