1926 – 2003

Leon Koporc – Ledeni

Academic painter

Summer day (1996) – pictured here, the former Erika Hotel towards Vršič

Drawing and figure

The painter, who had his last solo exhibition in Laško, built his dynamic compositions on drawing and the figure.

His paintings are alive and full of movement, which he achieved through various juxtapositions of male and female figures in space. The liveliness of the paintings was also achieved by the painter, who was for many years vice-president of the Exlibris Slovenian association, through a varied color palette.

In his freelance career, Koporc devoted himself mainly to painting in oil, especially figurative and landscape. He also worked extensively in drawing, and illustration, a little in printmaking or ex-libris and copying Gothic frescoes.

Figurature as the main subject

In 1959, he took up a job as an art teacher, and then, after 18 years, returned to freelancing. He exhibited in more than 50 solo and many group exhibitions and participated in more than 70 painting colonies at home and abroad, which gave him the opportunity to devote himself to landscape painting. Nevertheless, his main subject remained figurative.

Leon Koporc passed away in October 2003 at the age of 77.