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Soklič Draga

Academic painter

Under the Mountains (1997)

About the painter

Soklič Draga was born in 1946 and has been a member of the art section of the KUD Clinical Centre Alojz Kraigher since 1989.

She has had over 25 solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions. She has won several awards and prizes for her work.

Excerpt from the review by Dr. Price Augustine, art critic, on the occasion of the solo exhibition of Draga Soklič:

“Her landscape motifs, in their scale of color, increasingly and convincingly delve into space, right up to the horizon, where the color is almost drowned by the brilliance of the light. The variety of landscape elements fills the picture. The painter succeeds in bringing their diversity into a solid whole, into a calm and orderly harmony of color. No detail is forced out of the balanced composition, not even the architecture. Landscape is no longer just an optically perceived reality on the painter’s part, but also an element of her inner world, transferred onto paper. In short, we could say: ‘Draga Soklič paints as she feels, not just as she sees’.”


First snow (2009)