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1942 – 2023

Leander Fužir (Landi)


Ajdovska deklica (1999)


About the painter

After primary school in Prevalje and in Črna na Koroškem, he graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering in Maribor and the Secondary School of Construction Supervising in Slovenj Gradec. He worked in the lead mine and smelter in Mežica and in the battery factory (TAB) in Žerjav.

Leander’s talent for drawing was noticed by his teacher Mira Stres at the primary school in Prevalje and later by the headmaster Leopold Suhodolčan, who encouraged him to create. He gave him the opportunity to express himself in various artistic fields and enrolled him in a drawing school in Zagreb, which he was unable to attend due to his social situation. As a second-grader, he drew the old Prevalje school for the cover of the second issue of Vigredi, the school’s literary newsletter.

After his retirement, he devoted himself entirely to his artistic work. He is a member of the Cultural Association of Carinthian Artists (since 1984) and of the Oculus Fine Arts Association (Künstlergemeinschaft Oculus) in Wolfsberg, Austria. He creates his artworks in various techniques (oil, watercolor, acrylic, chalk, and pastel) and with various themes (knappers in the Mežiška valley, characters from the literary works of Prežihov Voranec, portraits, landscapes, etc.). He has exhibited his paintings in several solo exhibitions in Slovenia, Austria, and Italy and has participated in many group exhibitions. He particularly likes to paint in watercolor.

He lives and works in Črna na Koroškem.