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Lech Twardowski

Polish academic painter

Zgornjesavska Valley (1997)


Lech Twardowski is a Polish painter, performer, and installations author

Lech Twardowski was born in 1952, in Brodnica, Pomorskie, Poland.

He studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Wrocław, in the painting studio of Professor Zbigniew Karpiński.
Education period of Lech Twardowski in State Higher School of Fine Arts in Wroc\u0142aw

Lech Twardowski left for Paris in 1983 and came back to live in Wroclaw in 1995. His work includes paintings, art installations, and performances. Lech employs a variety of media and techniques. He explores theatre performance spaces and works with musicians. His paintings and art objects can be found in the following public collections: National Museum in Warsaw, Modern Art Museum in Paris, Lower Silesian Society for the Encouragement of Arts, as well as in private collections in Poland and abroad.

Lech Twardowski often incorporates his objects into monumental installations, which – sometimes through the objects themselves – absorb the surrounding space. This kind of relation between place and the object of art has particular significance, as it closely reflects the intentions and actions of the artist himself. Depending on the subject explored in his work, Lech Twardowski attempts to appropriate, or even seize, the place, which becomes a tangible object of his creative activity.

This action is strongly accentuated by the dynamics of the process, which form the basis of Twardowski’s art and the driving force for it. This energy provokes the viewer to reflect – in a deep and equally dynamic way – on the nature, interpretation, and sense of what is contained in individual cycles, which shape the exhibit system. The scope of themes the artist explores in his art revolves around the notion of alternate energy interaction, in which the centrifugal points are to be specific relations, often paradoxes and contradictions, which are shown in the most unified, diversified or synthetic way possible.

In this way, Lech Twardowski presents the opposition between outer and inner, or full and empty, in the form, which allows the viewer close reflection on space, chaos, order or any other aspect that connects human consciousness and subconsciousness with the surrounding world. This also works the other way round: it shows reality, which is shaped by humans through their actions and processes. The art of Lech Twardowski is a mirror reflecting the sum of infinite whole and living rhythm, which, in the creative process, become consolidated as a conflict of living and life-giving forces.

Lech Twardowski is highly famous for his works “PURO. Tracks of memory.” and “The Edge.”

Lech Twardowski adhered to the artistic traditions of Contemporary Art.

Zbigniew Karpinski